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Los Pirineos #15

I samarbeid med Nordic Approach

Lot #: SV-2018-37

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Los Pirineos is a unique farm, situated on the Tepeca volcano in Usulatan, and Gilberto Baraona is a unique producer. He has been working with different cultivars and honey processes. His strategy has been to experiment with different cultivars, and assess which cultivar will work best on the different parts of the farm where the altitude ranges across the farm.
The climate and growing conditions in this area are great despite the medium altitudes. The cold nights makes the maturation slow and the flavor development really nice. Gilberto is a producer we also have worked with for years, and he’s always interested in playing around with different preparations and processes.
This lot is made up of the Bourbon cultivar, and is a natural coffee. Giving this lot loads of fruit and it also has a great black tea like character.

Natural , Sun dried.

General information Variety: Bourbon
Processing: Natural
Crop year: 2018
Sensorial information Cupping score: 87.5
Apricot | Chocolate | Grape | Lychee | Strawberry | White Grape
Arrival sample cupped September 5th 2018:
Complex, very smooth & delicate body, fruit driven, strawberry, chocolate, apricot juice, white grapes, lychee in finish.
Clean and light, very fresh natural.

Origin: Los Pirineos

Los Pirineos

In Usulutan, on top of the Tepaca volcano, you can find Los Pirineos owned by the producer Gilberto Baraona. It’s located on a volcanic mountain range surrounded by the cities of Berlin, Santiago de Maria and Joy. The cultivation of coffee at the farm was started in 1890 and according to family accounts, the original seeds of the property, and the mother plants were imported from Antigua Guatemala.

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The coffee is separated into small to medium sized batches based up on different parts of the farm and coffee varietals. Currently the farm cultivates the varietals Bourbon Elite, Pacas and Pacamara, but the farm has also taken part in a Procafe project growing different varietals. As a result they have plots of of native coffee trees, natural mutants and hybrids originated from all over the world. Los Pirineos farm was one of the pioneers in El Salvador to build its own Micro Coffee Mill. The producer still experiments with processing and drying methods. For the coffees purchased this year we did a trial on soaking after the coffees were pulped and demucilaged, and with great success flavor wise.

Usulután, from the Nawat language (meaning «city of the ocelots»), is a department of El Salvador in the southeast of the country (Lenca region).

Varietals: Bourbon Elite, Pacamara, pacas, and loads of experiments, including Ethiopian varieties

Grade: Screen 15 up, zero defects.

Production process: Well-trained pickers are given good incentives to select ripe cherries only. The coffee is brought to the Los Pirineos micro mill in the afternoon to be handsorted of unripes and over ripes.

Washed process:

Natural process:

Honey process: They use new Jotagallo eco pulpers with mechanical demucilager to remove the skin, pulp and about 70% of the mucilage. The parchment is soaked over night in clean water before it’s washed.

Drying: Sun dried under shade on raised beds for 3-4 weeks..

Soil: Sandy loam, Volcanic soils

Notes: The farm is in an area with a great cool climate for slow maturation, good rainfall and fertile volcanic soils.

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Founded 1890
Altitude 1350-1550
Origin type Farm
Farm size 12 ha
Coffee growing area 90 ha