Colombia (CL) – La Perla #1 by Fernando Trujillo

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Supersøt, rød frukt, bjørnebær, eple, mørk sjokolade

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Cuppingscore: 86,75

I en pose er det 250 g hele bønner. Vi velger kun spesialkaffe av den absolutt beste kvaliteten fra øverste hylle, som vi brenner med det vi mener er en optimal profil.

Kaffe sender vi ut av brenneriet på tirsdager. Siste frist for å rekke ukens levering er mandag kl 18 dagen før utsendelse.Kaffen leveres helt hjem til deg på dørmatten.

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Vekt 250 g

Origin: Fernando Trujillo

Origin: Fernando Trujillo

Fernando Trujillo consistently contributes exceptional coffees to the Coocentral program, showcasing a continuous improvement in both quality and production. With the technical assistance provided by the cooperative, he has actively enhanced the quality of his coffee.

Situated in the village of Tablón de Bélgica in the Tarqui region, his farm, La Perla, is perched at 1800 meters—a favoured location in Huila. He cultivates Caturra, Colombia, Castillo, and Castillo Tambo varieties.

Fernando’s journey in coffee cultivation began at the age of 13 when his father entrusted him with a small piece of land, gradually expanding his plantation over the years. «I have been raised in the world of coffee,» shared Fernando. «I am 40 years old, and coffee has sustained this region for as long as I can remember.»


Coocentral serves as the primary cooperative in Central Huila, with members typically owning farms ranging from 2 to 3 hectares at altitudes between 1400 to 2000 metres above sea level. The main varieties cultivated are Caturra, Castillo, and Variedad Colombia. The cooperative boasts 3747 members, of which 2098 are active contributors, delivering their parchment to reception points in various local villages (Veredas). Purchase points are located in Gigante, Garzon, Guadalupe, Suaza Tarqui, Pital, and Agrado. The harvest season in Central Huila spans from May to July and October to December.


Coocentral collaborates with NA on a smallholder project aimed at enhancing coffee quality and the livelihoods of producers. This initiative involves investments in technical support, ongoing guidance, and training for growers. Presently, around 70 farmers are part of this project, with potential for expansion in the future.

Since 2005, Coocentral has invested 2.8 million USD in social programs. These initiatives encompass housing, university education, healthcare support (e.g., Coocentral covers 50% of hospital bills), funeral expenses, infrastructure development on farms, bonuses for fertiliser purchases made through the coop, life and natural disaster insurance, an in-house education system for young growers and growers’ children, as well as pension funds. Growers receive 100% of the premium paid above the current market and daily purchasing prices.