Peru (PA) – Aromas del Valle – Cutervo #1 Organic

140,00 kr

Juicy, strukturert, søltetøyaktig sødme, vinaktig frukt, bær, fiken, plumme, karamell, floral

Prosess: Vasket
Cuppingscore: 87

I en pose er det 250 g hele bønner. Vi velger kun spesialkaffe av den absolutt beste kvaliteten fra øverste hylle, som vi brenner med det vi mener er en optimal profil.

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Vekt 250 g

Origin: Aromas del Valle

Aromas Del Valle, located in the Cajamarca Region of Northern Peru, transitioned from an association to a cooperative in 2021. With around 300 members, the cooperative aims to enhance representation, facilitate greater member participation, and provide improved access to funding. Their goal is to cultivate niche markets and actively engage in the coffee social movement at both national and international levels.

Ivan Cruz manages the cooperative with engaged administrative and operational teams, including accounting and quality control.

The Project

In our sourcing efforts, we focus on microlots, communal, or cooperative blends from the northern regions around Jaen and San Ignacio. Typically, the family-run farms range from 1 to 3 hectares, where producers handle the entire coffee production process, from harvesting to drying. Those participating in premium programs, like ours, often invest in production and hold parchment to create potential microlots or enhance community blends.

The majority of our coffees come from small villages in La Coipa, Colosay, San Ignacio, and similar locations, selected based on their potential through discerning cupping. Our exporting partner actively supports producer relations by assisting with quality protocols, traceability programs, and premiums.

Our sourcing approach remains consistent across the communities, involving the selection of microlots with high performance at lot sizes ranging from 10 to 20 bags. Additionally, we aim to purchase producer blends from the same areas whenever possible. The program is built on providing fair premiums to producers across all our coffees. Investing in these communities is paramount to securing a consistent supply and offering farmers incentives for continual investment.


Aromas Del Valle incentivizes members with quality premiums and social programs, including education, reforestation, and microfinance through partners like Cafe Selva Norte. To guarantee the transparency of price, premiums, reimbursement, and other support to its associates, Cedros reaches agreements among its members in a general assembly, which is democratic and transparent. Distribution is approved by members and then disbursed accordingly.

Aromas Del Valle is part of the sustainability project «Cafe Selva Norte”, For every pound (lb) of coffee you buy, 5 US cents (USC) is contributed by you through Nordic Approach. This initiative addresses complex sustainability challenges in the coffee value chain, with the Northern Peru project supporting activities like agroforestry, traceability software, and quality improvement.

Café Selva Norte’s impacts include lending $627,000 to 8 cooperatives, supporting 253 producers in renovating 258 hectares of farmland, establishing 5 nurseries, and planting numerous trees. The origin project aims to finance 3,000 producers, convert 8,250 hectares to agroforestry, conserve 200,000 hectares of forest, and sequester 3.8 million tonnes of CO2.